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Are you a woman 40s+ who:

✔️Finds it challenging to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight?

✔️Experiences sleepless nights and energy slumps?

✔️Feels tired, sluggish, and struggles to focus during the day?


If you're like most women in their 40s+ I talk to ...

you feel challenged constantly with making healthy food choices, and what worked before doesn't any longer.

We all know we should be choosing healthier option and yet we keep making the same choices and wonder why the scale isn't budging.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just feel great this summer my Intuitively Light and Nourished program can help.

Here’s why…

Diets and willpower, body shaming, and guilt don’t work for women! We've experienced enough of that in our lifetime! 

And trying to exercise your way out of a bad diet just recks your hormones.

Trust me I know.

I tried all these methods for years!

The truth about food that no-one talks about is the hormonal and psychological side of cravings.

In order to take control of your cravings and unhealthy eating patterns, we need to get to the root of the cravings by working with your hormones and your beautiful mind.

Do you have summer weight loss goals, or just want to feel better?

Get inspired as you follow along with other amazing women in intimate group setting,

who're resetting their bodies and minds this summer. 

Lose 15lbs (9kgs) in the next 90days


  • Gain your energy back

  • Nix brain fog for good

  • Improve sleep 

  • Learn how to nourish yourself while,

  • Creating summer memories for a lifetime to cherish.

Many of us have learned to seek pleasure from food,  but imagine if you could get pleasure from your life.  

Maybe you feel like your day is overflowing with commitments,

no time to think about meals, so you grab something on the go,

feel like you have zero energy left to think, let alone to move at the end of your day,

can't seem to get stubborn weight off,

Actually, let's just be could take a nap right now. 

Peri-Menopause and Menopause transition can translate in weight gain for most women 40+s. 

Weight gain can have serious implications for your health.

Excess weight, especially around your midsection, increases your risk of many issues, including:

  • Breathing problems

  • Heart disease

  • Type 2 diabetes

Excess weight also increases your risk of various types of cancer, including breast, colon and endometrial cancers.

Whether it's lack of time for meal planning and exercise, or lack of energy for your precious life, I've gotcha!  
Citrus Fruits

Intuitively Light and Nourished
Group Coaching Program for Women 40s+ who want to lose 15lbs in the next 90days

I believe that every woman has the power within to heal herself, when she reclaims her innate knowing of what nourishes and makes her feel alive.   


Inside the Intuitively Light & Nourished group program, you will learn how to

lose 15lbs (9kgs) in 90 days or less

without restrictive diets or spending hours at the gym.

Through my unique and proven method, I will help you work with your hormones to steer yourself away from sugar and flour,


eliminate ravenous cravings for processed food (aka crap) that lead to weight gain

and in the process help you shed 15lbs (9kgs) in 90 days or less.


As you get older, you might notice that maintaining your usual weight becomes more difficult. In fact, many women gain weight in their 40s, during perimenopause and menopause. You're not alone,  and you don't have to do it alone.

I've gotcha!


Why Intuitively Nourished and Light different than other weight-loss programs out there

  • This is a not another diet, that punishes the body and only looks at food and exercise

  • This is a daily gentle experiment with food, in alignment with your female biology and seeing what makes you feel good, and what doesn’t.

  • It’s not about crazy draconian rules and restrictive one-off weight-loss stunts (which by the way were mostly tested on men, no wonder they don't work for us, women). 

  • This is an intuitive lifestyle approach that's puts you in charge of your life!

We will work with your superpower, your female biology and your beautiful mind to change you on a physiological and subconscious level which is where a healthy and happy feature you already lives.

Client Testimonial

I can't be grateful enough for having met Vesna. She has people's well-being genuinely at heart. With kindness, compassion and knowledge, she helped me turn inwards and reconnect to my deeper self and intuition to live the life I want. Change came as a natural consequence. It doesn't matter where you start from: Vesna can help you get where you want to be. 

Veronica B. 
Client Testimonial

I did consider myself a “healthy eater” before working with Vesna, however Vesna has most definitely opened my eyes to the world of nutrition. Whether its when adding different seeds and berries to my breakfast, or considering how all the veggies and oils work together in my salad, Vesna’s guidance is always part of that decision process. Vesna creates a safe space to discuss all topics and has had a positive impact in my approach to nutrition. Thank you, Vesna! Who knew that I actually like avocados and not all fats are bad!! I would thoroughly recommend Vesna’s program to anyone who is curious to learn more.

Pamela W.
Citrus Fruits

Hey, I'm Vesna


"I went from life-long sugar addict to having a healthy relationship with food that nourishes and supports my lifestyle, and now I want to show you how."


So how did I kick my cravings and developed a healthy relationship with food?

Definitely not with will-power or a special diet.

I’ve spent decades having an intimate relationship with sugar and other processed foods (my favorite was bread!)

I've struggled with cravings that lead to severe PMS, moodiness, heavy periods, acne, and stubborn weight. 

I knew that I was caring extra weight, and yet I pretended that I was a healthy weight, but the truth is I was uncomfortable my body.

And it was all due to the poor food choices I made daily, even though I thought I was eating healthy.

I tried increasing my exercise and cutting back calories, because I heard it was suppose to work, but it didn't work for me.


I'd fast one day and binge the next and the vicious cycle continued. 

I got fed up with marketing gimmicks and diets,


but instead of giving up, I decided to tune inwards.


After spending 20 years in corporate field doing clinical research, and directly contributing to approvals of many drugs that treat symptoms (not root cause) of the majority of chronic diseases, like diabetes, obesity, etc


I finally got honest with myself. 


I committed to reclaiming my health, 

I decided to become the CEO of my own health,

I got Certified as an Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach


I read, listened and surrounded myself with the best advice from experts in the integrative health and nutrition field, 


and I uncovered the truth about processed food, industry secrets and misinformation that fuels the current state of our health.


But even more important... I discovered how to work with, not against my female biology, how to nourish my hormones; it allowed me to reclaim my health, 

and now I want to show you how to reclaim your own health for good.

Intuitively Light and Nourished program

Wait, that's not all.....


You will also receive these BONUSES 

  • Daily Intentions Setting planner - develop a powerful mindset around food

  • Food Guide filled with Delicious Recipes 

  • Podcasts, Books, and additional resources to keep you motivated and inspired 


Get $500 OFF for joining the Intuitively Light and Nourished Program by 15June2023

>>> program kicks off July and runs through Sept, 2023<<<<

USE Coupon Code SUMMERSALE to save $500 


Who is it For?

  • Women 40+ who're fed up with fad diets, marketing diet gimmicks, short term weightoss

  • Women who've lost weight before, only to gain it back 

  • Women who enjoy steady and sustainable weight loss goal, or just want to feel lighter

  • Women with summer and travel plans, restaurants, celebrations, kids, family, work, who want to do it feel lighter and nourished this summer

  • Women who're eager to step into their Future Self

Get inspired as you follow along with other women who are reclaiming their health and happiness. 

  • Pregnant mamas

  • Nursing women

  • Women with eating disorders

  • Women who are looking to lose weight quickly, only to put it back on

Who is it NOT For?

Decisions that you make today, shape your future.

If you’re keen to lose weight and enjoy summer, register before 15June and save $500!

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