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Intuitively Light & Nourished October 2023

This transformative program is designed to help you create a healthier relationship with food, nurture your body, and cultivate a nourishing lifestyle that supports your overall well-being. Over the course of three months, you will receive live training sessions, group coaching sessions, Q&A calls, and valuable bonuses to enhance your journey towards optimal health. Live Training Sessions (3 months) Live Group Coaching Sessions (6 sessions) BONUS: Food guide BONUS: Daily Intention Setting Journal BONUS: Recommended Resources Join Intuitively Light and Nourished today! Choose pay in full, or a 3 month payment plan. *** When you click enroll, you'll be prompted to create your member account and then pay. You MUST create your account first.



*By submitting this form,  I agree that I have read and agree with the terms & conditions, as well as the disclaimers.

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