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Ready to 10X Your Health and Happiness?
What If You Could Feel HEALTHIER by simply Reconnecting to your SUPER POWER
=YOUR Intuition

Women's super power is her Intuition 

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What if...

I could help you reconnect to the deepest part of you in 30 days or less. What would that look like for you?


It's time to reclaim your health and happiness.


- Imagine if you could hear your own voice louder than other voices around you.

- if you had your own personal intuitive coach.

- waking up, connected to what makes you feel alive.

- choosing what deeply nourishes you, on and off plate. 

- Imagine feeling alive, energized and healthy.


If this sounds like a HECK YES...


your intuition is speaking (do you hear her?)

You Know That You Were Meant to Thrive, not just survive 

There are too many shiny objects and health opinions out there that can feel overwhelming. Perhaps you've stopped listening to your inner wisdom and find yourself in a vicious cycle

Maybe you even think...

"Is this the right plan for me?"


"Nothing has ever worked."

"What's the point, I've tried it all!"

Or maybe this is you...

"Maybe you think, this is just part of getting older..."

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I invite you to
Take a Deep Breath With Me ...

Picture This ...

You've finally decided you're a priority! 

You're no longer choosing to stay confused. No more of, I'll start tomorrow.

You've chosen to put YOUR health and happiness first, because you matter. 

You've chosen to focus on your needs for once. 

You feel strong and confident. 

You feel lighter. 

You have an abundance of energy

You feel vibrant. 

You are intuitively nourishing and moving your body.

Your days feel like water flowing, easy, spacious, and free.

The excess weight is melting off without you trying and you feel alive.

You're listening to your voice.

You have a coach by your side, feel fully supported and you're alive. 


Woman's Intuition Her Super Power

🌟 10x Your Health and Happiness
Reconnect with Your Super Power

Feel nourished and alive, by choosing YOU, and give from a full cup!


Intuitive - New You Program in 30 days

You'll receive the most comprehensive and personalized month-long coaching package that will leave you feeling alive:

1️⃣ Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions:

  • Reconnect with your intuition. 

  • Full Month of high-touch 1:1 intuitive coaching tailored to you.

  • Ditch the survival mode, Welcome in a Nourished life.

  • Start Designing a Life on Your Terms.

  • Each coaching session will leave you inspired and motivated to 10x your wellbeing and thrive. 

2️⃣ Bonus 90-Minute Intuitive Health Audit Session:

  • Begin your journey with an intuitive health assessment. 

  • Together, we'll design your plan, that feels nourishing, easy and supportive every step of the way.

3️⃣ Full Month of 1.1 personalized High Touch Coaching Support:

  • Enjoy having your own personal coach, whom you trust and who motivates and encourages you.

  • Remove confusion, and begin to embody a new Healthier you.

  • Experience Vitality through Intuitive Nourishment.  

  • As your personal coach, I will be by your side the entire way, sharing the most powerful and effective ways for you to reconnect with your super power, your intuition.

  • And, we'll celebrate your victories- that's the best part! 

4️⃣ Full Nourishment Recipe Guide - Know EXACTLY What To Eat:

  • Ditch the confusion and macro counting.

  • Eat to nourish.

  • Get personally curated recipes that support your Lifestyle!

This is your invitation to reconnect with a healthier, happier you!

🌈 Don't miss out on the chance to reconnect with your superpower  and start living a life on your terms with support from your personal coach for an entire month!

✨$2,750 TODAY ONLY!

🔥 Secure Your Spot Now! 🔥

Image by Rayia Soderberg

"I would highly recommend working with Vesna. She is so motivating, supportive, and non-judgmental. I always thought I lived/ate healthy, but after approaching my mid-40s, she helped me realize It may be beneficial to make some changes. She has helped with regulating my hormones (through see-cycling), as well as encouraging I am eating enough vegetables during the day to truly nourish my body. I feel amazing and not as bloated all the time!

Little personal changes that I was able to ease into my day to day has helped me tremendously. I also ensure not to sit in my office all day (she checks in with me to ask!), adding fresh lemon to hot and cold water is one of my favorite suggestions - now I drink it all day - I can't get enough. I even drink that instead of coffee, which also helps me sleep better at night. In the past week, my family has all been sick, and I was the only one that barely caught anything (I think because of Vesna's suggestions!) I have also lost a few pounds.

Thank you Vesna!"

-  Susan Viola

Veronica Bini.jpg

"I can't be grateful enough for having met Vesna. She has people's best interest genuinely at heart. With kindness, compassion and knowledge, she helped me turn inwards and reconnect with my deeper self and intuition to live the life I want. Change came as a natural consequence. It doesn't matter where you start from, Vesna can help you get where you want to be."

- Veronica Bini

Here' How It Works...

90-Minute Health Audit (valued at $750)

Elevate your wellness journey with a bonus 90-minute Intuitive Health Audit Session. Kickstart your transformation with an in-depth health assessment and a personalized plan. Reconnect with your Super Power, Your Intuition and come alive. 

4 Personalized Coaching Calls (valued at $2,000)

Embark on a transformative journey with four personalized coaching sessions, delving into tailored health and nutrition guidance, rooted in Intuitive Nourishment Framework that's helped so many of my clients reclaim their health and heal. Each weekly session is a vital step toward achieving your health and fitness goals, ensuring a holistic and enduring transformation.

A Full Month of Support (priceless)

Experience an entire month of unwavering support. Revel in continuous guidance, motivation, and personalized assistance. You can text me, email me, ask me anything. As your dedicated personal coach, I will stand beside you, challenges, victories, all of it. It's a month-long journey with a companion committed to your success.

I can show you how to 10x your health and wellbeing
that’s intuitive and sustainable.

Think of this as a 30 day Kick Start accelerator to your goals. Most health programs take months or year to actually be effective, but miss the core component, woman's super power. In just 30 days,   you can be living your best healthiest and happiest life.

Hi, I'm Vesna,

Certified Intuitive Nutrition Health Coach 

If you’re like most successful, high performing humans I know, your health is non-negotiable. To function optimally, you know you need your health.  Longevity and vitality are important, and you’re committed to living a healthy life for years to come.


But what do most do? We follow mainstream weight loss marketing gimmicks, which have failed you over and over. An average American spends 6K a year on diets and fitness programs, only to return to their original weight.  So frustrating! And there's no mention of woman's super power, her intuition. 


Whether you’re looking to lose weight or improve your health, you don’t need another diet plan. You need a sustainable long term health promoting solution, a way to reconnect to your own healing power, your intuition. An easy and intuitive way towards a healthier you.


30 day to 10x your health program is for you because you’re an intelligent woman and know weight loss programs don’t work long-term. Let's team up for 30 days, and get ready to experience what it feels like to feel healthy, deeply nourished and alive on your terms.  


Still On The Fence? 

Book a complimentary 15 minute discovery call and let’s get to know each other.

We'll go over your health goals and see if this program is the right fit for you!

  • Who is Nourished Alive for?
    Nourished Alive is for highly motivated women who are ready to reclaim their health through nourishment not punishment and start living their best life now.
  • What problem does Nourished Alive solve?
    Unwanted weight gain, exhaustion, irritability, lack of motivation, digestive issues, irregular and heavy periods.
  • What results does Nourished Alive provide?
    Reclaim your health and wellbeing through nourishment, reach your ideal weight, regain energy and motivation.
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