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Client Love

Hear from past and current clients about their experience working with a Certified Wellness Coach

photo of a client at nourished alive

Melinda Millard

Vesna is fantastic to work with! Similar to an athletic trainer where you get pushed to do one more rep, Vesna worked with me to identify the right goals and motivators and held me accountable on my health journey. She’s a great listener and super knowledgeable about nutrition.

photo of pamela, a client at nourished alive

Pamela Williams

Vesna opened my eyes to the works of nutrition. I now feel empowered to make conscious decisions. My kids see me as a ‘healthy food’ type. I’ve enjoyed trying new foods and am not scared to do so moving forward. It’s been a positive experience and will absolutely influence my life moving froward.

photo of fran, a client at nourished alive

Fran Richards

Vesna’s advice has been invaluable. She has impacted on my life already in the short time that we have worked together. I feel like I have a better handle on my work / life balance and a greater insight into what nutrition my body needs. She has a fascinating perspective into how the menstrual cycle can affect health and wellbeing. Vesna represents a unique secret weapon which all women should try.

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