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"I would highly recommend working with Vesna. She is so motivating, supportive, and non-judgmental. I always thought I lived/ate healthy, but after approaching my mid-40s, she helped me realize It may be beneficial to make some changes. She has helped with regulating my hormones (through see-cycling), as well as encouraging I am eating enough vegetables during the day to truly nourish my body. I feel amazing and not as bloated all the the time!

Little personal changes that I was able to ease into my day to day has helped me tremendously. I also ensure not to sit in my office all day (she checks in with me to ask!), adding fresh lemon to hot and cold water is one of my favorite suggestions - now I drink it all day - I can't get enough. I even drink that instead of coffee, which also helps me sleep better at night. In the past week, my family has all been sick, and I was the only one that barely caught anything (I think because of Vesna's suggestions!) I have also lost a few pounds.

Thank you Vesna!"

-  Susan Viola

Image by Alexandra Andersson

“I have battled with my weight for decades. Vesna's communication and support have been one of the keys to my decision to make REAL changes to my lifestyle; my confidence is back, and I feel good again.

— Kari V.


"Vesna's program isn't about being the best athlete or a gourmet cook. She encouraged me to try new things, set goals for myself and inspire the people I love to care about their health, too."

— Katie B.

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