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Nourished Alive

Where Nutrition and Intuition
Come Together

Welcome to feeling Nourished and Alive.

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Introducing the Nourished Alive Framework 

I’ve created an approach to bring Intuitive Nourishment, Intuitive Movement, and Intuitive Flow that brings together Nutrition and Lifestyle to help you reach your wellness Goals.
It’s called the Nourished Alive Framework.

Are You Trading Your Health for Wealth?

Does this sound familiar?

You've finally made it! Career, family and all. But it's not how you thought it would feel...

  • Your health is a priority, yet it comes last.

  • You want to make better choices, but you're tired. 

  • Sleep feels like a luxury.

  • Everyone needs something from you.

  • You long to completely unplug.

  • Your mind is racing, you lay awake at 2am.

  • You lack energy and you're irritable.

  • You can't seem to catch a break.

  • You say family is important, but you work 12+ hr days, weekends and even on vacation...

  • You KNOW that there's got to be a different way.....this isn't sustainable


Hi, I'm Vesna 

Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach

I'm a former pharma executive, serving busy professionals as their dedicated personal wellness coach.

I’m committed to helping you reclaim your greatest wealth, your HEALTH

I strongly believe that the body wants to heal.

Intuitively, body strives to be in a state of homeostasis.

Your body holds all the answers. 

I spent over 20 years brining life saving medicine to patients in need, while climbing corporate ladder, and I paid the price. 

At the pinnacle of my career, I realized I had been trading my greatest wealth for all that success. I was trading my health for wealth.
I waved goodbye to the corporate hustle and founded an intuitive health and nutrition coaching business. And that's how NourishedAlive LLC was born.

Where Nutrition and Intuition come together.

Aa a self proclaimed science geek, I combine the latest wellness data with an intuitive approach to help you 10x your health and create lasting lifestyle changes. Elevate Your Performance and Infuse Nourishment into YOUR LIFE with personalized Health and Nutrition Coaching.


So are you READY to prioritize your HEALTH?

Here's how....
Choose Your Wellness Journey

Personalized Health and Nutrition Coaching:

Designed for YOU
Your Body
Your Energy
Your Lifestyle

Personalized Health and Nutrition Coaching designed for YOU.

Let it be easy, let it be intuitive.

Stay Motivated and Feel Inspired to reach your Health Goals.

Receive Ongoing Support from YOUR own personal health and nutrition coach.

Feel Empowered to make Healthier choices and prioritize your HEALTH.

Reach your Health Goals and enjoy a life full of vitality! 


The secret to reaching your health goals and staying on track is - a personalized health and nutrition plan designed for YOU.

We start with 3 core steps....

1. Intuitive Nourishment,

2. Intuitive Movement, and

3. Intuitive Flow

Unlock Your Vitality and Longevity 


Reclaim your HEALTH - Reclaim your LIFE

Executive Wellness Coaching:

Attract Top Talent
Retain Top Talent - Invest in your greatest asset 

Executive Wellness Coaching is what sets YOU apart from the competition.

Your Team could be producing 10x results, if they had Executive Wellness Coaching.

Better work-life balance is why they joined your organization, it's what they value.


Reward them with what they value, and Get What You Want - 10x Results. 

​​The secret to attracting top talent, and retaining top talent is - Executive Wellness Coaching 

Life Work Balance - is THE benefit they value. Those other benefits, those, they expect. 

Attract Top Talent 

Retain Top Talent 

Invest in your greatest asset, your people. 

Set yourself apart from the competition with Executive Wellness Coaching.

The Nourished Alive Framework is not just about physical's also


It's time to bring Nutrition and Intuition together.

Choose Your Path.

The greatest wealth is health.

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