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Maximize Your Metabolism: Intermittent Fasting Secrets for Women over 40

Discover how to shed pounds, boost energy, and
unleash the power of intermittent fasting - safely

Are you a woman over 40

who's wearing many hats and approaching menopause, determined to make health a priority?


Have you set some big health goals for 2024,

but it’s halfway through the year, and you are not quite on

track like you thought you would be?

Intermittent fasting may be the key. 

Intermittent Fasting allows you to tap into your body's intuitive healing powers.

Safe intermittent fasting can:

  • Elevate your metabolism & use your body's intuitive fat burning powers

  • Unlock your vitality  by ramping up cellular repair

  • Reduce cravings and improve your insulin sensitivity (no more late afternoon sugar crashes!)

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Stimulate muscle and bone growth (key factors of longevity)

  • Increase your energy, and help you to wake up feeling rested and restored.

The Truth about weight loss after 40

It can be more difficult to lose weight as we age, but...

Your body is intuitive, and you have access, like anyone else, to healing modality via fasting – why not use it?

The issue is, most research has been done on men, but we try to apply it to women as if we were small men and we feel we must be doing something wrong because it’s just not working!

And, we live in a toxic environment (from processed food, beauty products, cleaning supplies and clothes that touch our bodies, you name it) loaded with chemicals that turn this natural healing modality off.


While weight loss industry pushes outdated theories, such as counting calories and working out more, these only add to the confusion and prevent you from unlocking this century old healing modality that’s available and intuitive to you.

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But when you nourish yourself intuitively, your body responds in a positive way...

You have intuitive eating and fasting windows that work for you and your lifestyle.

You’re naturally balancing your hormones.


You unlock your body’s own healing modality, that will help you burn fat, repair damaged cells and grown beautiful new ones.


That’s why I created the Intermittent Fasting Masterclass: to empower women to reclaim their own healing power through intuitive intermittent fasting.​​

You're Invited To This 90-Minute Masterclass,
Where You'll Discover:

This Masterclass Is
Perfect For You If...

  • You’re a woman over 40

  • You’re a busy professional who repeatedly chooses work over health

  • You’re interested in fasting (maybe you’ve even experimented before!), but you’d like to do it SAFELY

  • You want a sustainable Intermittent Fasting method with a clear, easy plan to follow. 

  • You’re ready to team up with your body (instead of fighting it!), identify real hunger cues, and nourish yourself on a schedule that meets your needs, and elevates your wellbeing 🙌🏽 

Join Me, Vesna Rysdale, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, for this Breakthrough

90-Minute Masterclass


I'll show you how to create an easy to follow fasting lifestyle that taps into your body's intuitive healing powers, so you can:

  • Shed unwanted weight

  • Rev up your metabolism

  • Make new, healthy, beautiful cells

  • Tap into stem cell repair

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Improve digestion

  • Claim your energy and mental clarity

Once you've experienced the healing benefits of fasting, you'll truly understand that your body intuitively wants to heal. 

In this masterclass, I'll be sharing:

“This isn’t as hard as I thought, it is just new territory for me. Thanks for all your support Vesna!”

- Susan

Are you ready to unlock the healing benefits of Intuitive Intermittent Fasting?

Done safely and intuitively for women, so you experience all the health benefits. Don’t waste another second feeling unhappy with how you look and feel, claim your health back. Intuitive Fasting lifestyle is accessible, let me guide you.

What Clients Say

When I started meeting with Vesna I was a bit overwhelmed, focused on helping everyone else and not taking time to stop to care for myself and fill my own cup. Vesna helped me sort through the swirl, capture my thoughts, prioritize ME and as a result everything else seemed to fall into place…all the sudden I realized that I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or discontent anymore - my blood pressure even returned to normal ranges. It’s amazing what guidance from an incredible coach and a little focused attention on yourself will do for you!

I’ve learned so much from Vesna on so many topics…nutrition, exercise, meditation, mindful breathing, healthy recipes. I encourage everyone to invest in yourself and spend some time with Vesna!

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