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Maximize Your Metabolism: Intermittent Fasting Secrets for Women over 40


Discover how to shed pounds, boost energy, and
unleash the power of intermittent fasting - safely

Are you a woman over 40 who's wearing many hats and approaching menopause, determined to make health a priority?


Have you set some big health goals for 2023,

but it’s halfway through the year, and you are not quite on

track like you thought you would be?

Then You're Invited To This 90-Minute Masterclass,
Where You'll Discover:

....and so much more!

This Masterclass Is
Perfect For You If...

  • You need a clear plan that’s going to work for your body for how to get there!

  • You've tried diets in the past with no luck, and you aren’t sure how to bust through the plateau

  • You're prioritizing everyone else's needs and health over your own 

  • You want a sustainable Intermittent Fasting method and to have a clear, easy plan to follow long-term... instead of guessing how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat

  • You desire to approach every meal with confidence and intuitively choose to respect your hunger cues, nourish yourself on your schedule that meets your needs and you want to truly prioritize your wellbeing 🙌🏽 

Join Me, Vesna Rysdale, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, for this Breakthrough

90-Minute Masterclass

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