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Boost your energy in perimenopause with these 3 simple tips!

Today, I'm excited to take you on a journey with me as I share the transformative story and valuable insights that have shaped my path. I'm Vesna, a health and nutrition coach dedicated to guiding women over 40 through the perimenopause phase, helping them reclaim their personal and professional lives. Join me as we explore three simple and free strategies to revitalize our energy and well-being. Let's dive.

My healing journey began with 20 years in clinical research, healthcare industry. Climbing the corporate ladder, I accumulated titles and accolades, but beneath the surface, I felt a spark diminishing. The success I attained was zapping my vital energy, leaving me feeling depleted and disconnected from my true self.

Realizing the toll on my health, I decided it was time for a change. Witnessing colleagues succumb to burnout, I embarked on a mission to help women reconnect with their superpower—woman's intuition.

This journey led me to create a holistic approach centered around intuitive nourishment, movement, and intuitive flow. I earned a certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, quit to my corporate job, and founded "Nourished Alive." There is nothing better and more rewarding than reclaiming your own healing power, and this is possible for you too! It all starts by reclaiming our energy.

Here are 3 tips for boosting your energy in perimenopause:

  1. Protein for Breakfast: I can't stress enough the importance of a protein-packed breakfast to kickstart the day. Protein plays a crucial role in preserving muscle, boosting metabolism, regulating blood sugar, and providing sustained energy. Whether plant-based or animal-based, exploring diverse protein sources can transform your mornings.

  2. Syncing Circadian Clock and Hormones: Morning daylight exposure activates natural circadian rhythm, and incorporating exercise during this time aligns with elevated cortisol levels for a great workout and sustainable energy throughout the day. Win-Win!

  3. Optimizing Sleep Routine: Recognizing the significance of quality sleep, keep electronics out of the bedroom. Creating a night routine that supports a healthy sleep environment is crucial; after all sleep is the core pillar of health. Overstimulation can be challenging, especially after an already overstimulated go-go-go day, so protecting your energy by avoiding screens before bedtime is key to getting a restful night's sleep. A mindful night routine can lead to waking up rejuvenated and full of energy.

Evaluate your daily routines and make intentional choices that align with the life and energy you desire. Share your takeaways and challenges with me, as community and personal commitment hold tremendous power. For more tips and info, LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST EPISODE HERE!

Which strategy will you choose to incorporate to 10x your energy?

Reclaim your energy and well-being - in just 30 days when you join the 30 Day New You Program here!


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