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Extreme Self-Care

How I Spent the Week of Extreme Self-Care and What I Learned...

Self care, seems like a buzz word these days. We know, we should practice self-care, yet we don't as much as we'd like to. The definition of self-care, according to the Merriam - Webster dictionary is to "care for oneself". Caring for ourselves, usually becomes a priority only when we're at our breaking point. It's in those moments of exhaustion or when we face a health scare that we take a pause, reflect, and prioritize our own needs, desires, and well-being.

I've found that it's a common trait among women to be natural caretakers, juggling responsibilities at home, work, and taking care of others. We often neglect our needs, while ensuring everyone's needs are met.

It seems to me that women are born as people pleasers. Most women, including myself, find it natural to take care of others, home, kids, work, etc. And, we appear lost when it's comes to our own self care. We nourish everyone first, and feed ourselves with scraps.

We've all been there, saying, "I'm fine," even when we're far from it. We do this to avoid appearing needy or selfish, even though we're tired. Well, let's just tell the truth, we're actually exhausted.

Maybe you've found yourself on the verge of tears, when asked a simple question like 'How are you?'. I've been there.

As for me, after leaving corporate and deciding to start my own company, as a health and nutrition coach for women over 40, I found myself in the same spiral. I was doing, A LOT! I was somehow still following the 'should-s' of entrepreneurs that came before me.

What can I say, old habits, creep in, we resort to old and familiar if we don't pay attention.

But this time I didn't go on auto-pilot. Instead, I took a pause. I took a deep, do it with me...inhale..... and .... exhale. Well done! One really nourishing breath is all it took and I remembered why I began this journey. My passion for women's health and happiness is what motivates me every day to create value and contribute to the world. That's when my Week of Extreme Self-Care commenced.

Instead of pushing forward with a highly anticipated program, I made an executive decision to pause. That felt more feminine and in alignment with my future self. The resistance I felt was a sign that something was out of alignment.

I was reminded that I do trust myself, that I do know when things don't feel right, and it was time to practice Extreme Self-Care, something I coach women on to help them feel nourished and alive.

Our intuition, our inner wisdom, often gets drowned out by the noise of the world's expectations. We stop trusting ourselves somewhere along the way. But all it takes is a sacred pause, and it's available to all of us. Turn inward, and listen to your guiding light. Give it a try. Pause and listen. Where is your intuition guiding you towards?

Extreme Self - Care expanded as the week progressed. I thought about what am I no longer available for? As a coach, I've learned that good quality questions lead to good quality answers. So ask yourself this question and see where it leads you: "what am I no longer available for?"

For me it just flowed, it kept flowing, and it became easy.

The first thing I did was to clear my calendar, anything that wasn't a resounding heck YES, was a clear NO and with ease I released it. Then, I unsubscribed from emails that were clogging up my inbox, even my 'junk' folder was zapping my energy so I cleared that out too. I unfollowed anyone that I decided no longer has access to my energy, I unsubscribed from podcasts no longer in alignment with my future self, I cooked nourishing meals, spent time in nature, did some gardening, connected with our Mother Earth, listened to birds singing, watched butterflies; I bought myself flowers, took a luxurious bubble bath, read books, played with my kids, danced silly in the kitchen, journaled, drank a ton of water, ate nourishing meals, went surfing, enjoyed workouts with friends in the park, my feet touching the ground, grass all around, blue sky, breeze on my skin.

All the free things in life, we take for granted. These simple, often overlooked, and free things in life filled my cup to the brim.

Clearing space in my life allowed new energy to flow in, bringing abundance beyond my wildest imagination. I reached out to friends, clients, and loved ones to share this positive and abundant energy with them, helping them feel nourished and alive. It reminded me once again what it feels like to come home to myself, to my authentic being who gives, loves, inspires, and nourishes. When our cup is full we can pour into others with abundance, and feel nourished. Everyone benefits.

Extreme Self-Care can take various forms, but it all boils down to deep nourishment that makes YOU feel alive.

My most significant takeaway has been reconnecting with my intuition. Creating a path that nourishes and makes you feel alive is essential to your wellbeing. Extreme Self-Care isn't the same as taking time off work or going on vacation; it's an awakening to the voice calling you home, back to your core self where inner wisdom resides. It's about choosing with clear vision what you truly want, not just what you need. Because, as you know, wanting is abundant, while needing stems from scarcity and lack. Choose to want because you want it.

Your Extreme Self-Care might differ from what you've been told or what others think, but it's authentic, nourishing, and uniquely yours. You might be surprised to find that as you nurture yourself, you become more productive and fulfilled.

If you've felt overdrawn, lack energy, sleep, ideas, motivation, or excitement for life, or if you've been telling yourself "it's fine" but feeling empty inside, then it might be time for Extreme Self-Care.

You don't have to wait for a health scare to prioritize your wellbeing. That inner nudge will come, and you'll know it's time to put yourself first. We all stray from our path at times, but finding our way back to what truly matters is essential for reclaiming our health and happiness. I've found that as I practice Extreme Self-Care, I stray from my path less and for shorter periods because I'm more decisive and aligned with future self, the who's fully nourished and alive.

Rest assured, you can find your way home by taking a pause. Silencing the noise. And, listening. What is your intuition guiding you toward?

Curious to explore what Extreme Self-Care might look like for you? Book a complimentary call, and let's explore together. I'll guide you with quality questions that lead to the quality answers already within you.


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