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Strength Training for Women Over 40

If you've been feeling like your usual workouts are missing the mark, leaving you more tired, hungry, and moody.......take a deep breath with me. You're in the right place.

During perimenopause, a transition period in a woman's life, from mid 30s through early 50s, certain hormones drop. We often hear about testosterone when it comes to building muscle, but the real star of the show when it comes to longevity is our hormone estrogen because, estrogen stimulates bone and muscle growth and increases the collagen content of connective tissues.

And although, most accept that we age because hormones decline, the Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging states that our hormones don't decline because we age. Whichever theory of aging or anti-aging you subscribe to, we don't have to accept dropping hormone levels as something that happens with age. There are ways to navigate through perimenopause, utilizing strength training to build muscle, protects bones and even feel stronger than we did in our 20s and 30s.

One prevalent mistake I've noticed from my clients is the tendency to lean too heavily into cardio, HIIT, endurance training or the same routine week after week.

Here's the thing...Instead of working out harder, we can be working out smarter.

And let's not forget that, recovery is the hidden key. Like any professional athlete, after an event, there is a time for deep recovery. You may or may not be a triathlete, but you are living in a human body and your body needs recovery period too.

Let's be real – recovery is as crucial as the workout itself. Your body needs time to heal and rebuild, and that's where the magic happens. Prioritize recovery, ensure you're getting quality sleep, and don't skimp on pre and post-workout nourishment.

Now, why is strength training such a game-changer during perimenopause?

Well, did you know that the prevalence of sarcopenia is as high as 30% in perimenopausal women? This just highlights that perimenopausal transition is a vulnerable period for the loss of muscle mass. Good news is, that strength training steps in as the superhero, regulating energy, improving sleep, supporting weight loss, and giving you that toned, fabulous look we all want!

The key to optimizing your strength training regimen lies in doing it smarter. It's not about mindlessly spending hours at the gym. Instead, pick up heavier weights and do a fewer repetitions—aim for around five reps, until you feel the glorious fatigue setting in. Quality over quantity, always. There's no need to spend hours at the gym, who has time for that anyway when you can get toned and stronger in less time by working out smarter, not harder.

And here's a pro tip: 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can work wonders. Not more!

Timing is another piece of the puzzle.

Ever thought about when you're working out? Morning workouts have an edge – cortisol levels are naturally higher, giving you an extra boost. Save low-impact activities for the evening when your body is winding down. Remember, estrogen influences collagen, crucial for joint stability, so adapting your routine to hormonal fluctuations is a game-changer. and essential for healthy aging.

Now, if you're wondering how to recover from an injury, let's start with nutrition. Fuel your body with protein-rich pre and post-workout smoothies – they're like magic potions, providing essential amino acids for muscle building and aid with recovery post workouts. Note, timing your nutrition post workout has a science too, 30min after a workout is optimal to avoid interfering with your body's natural anti-inflammatory process that you've activated through exercise.

Always remember, you're the CEO of your well-being. It's not about working harder; it's about working smarter.

Don't let confusion or overwhelm hold you back from feeling amazing. Just take that first step today, and in 30 days, you can feel like a completely different, stronger and more toned version of yourself.

Ready to 10x your health to the next level? If you said yes, then I invite you to experience personal health and nutrition coaching with me for 30 days. For more info, apply here.

Stay strong, stay empowered, and let your fabulous self shine! 🌟


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