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You have permission

This is your permission ticket. You have permission to breathe. You have permission to pause. You have permission to slow down. You have permission to say no.

Every day you set an example by the choices you make.

You see others doing it, you've heard others doing it, you feel it's an expectation of you as well. Just keep going and get it done. You've heard other's say, but you don't have kids, it's so much easier for you. So you think to yourself, I have nothing to complain about. Hey, hold on one second...who ever came up with this non-sense? But still you're always there for your sister or girlfriend because she's got it harder, she's got kids, elderly parents, so many obligations even though you have needs too. Still you take that burden on, you are always there even when you're having a bad day, even though no one asked you about your day because it's easier for you without kids or because you have it easier. All these noxious thoughts rattling in your head every day. Do you ever stop to think how has this become a the norm in today's society? However, this norm is fed by us each time we make a choice to prioritize someone or something else over us. Guilt is our BFF.

Well not any more. You have permission to see yourself. You have permission to hear yourself. You have permission to nourish yourself. Start showing up in your life for you. This change starts with you, let's empower each other and let's say goodbye to our BFF guilt.

Rest is nourishing and fuel for our bodies. Rest is not a waste of time. Observe your thoughts and the way you speak to yourself, "oh I don't have time for that, I've got a million things to get done". When these thoughts arise, just pause and breathe. But your mind is saying, who's got time to breathe! Do you hear yourself right now? Do you register your own thoughts? How absurd is that statement, who's got time to breathe, that feels selfish? Pause and breathe. This doesn't have to be complicated, you don't need to set up an entire meditation space in your room in order to pause and breath. You can do it standing up over the stove making dinner or while you're on the phone and your mom keeps going on and on, or while your partner is telling you about their stressful day, or when kids are talking to you at the same time...pause and take a deep breath, then take another deep breath and feel it reinvigorating your body, clearing your mind, opening your heart and nourishing your soul. That breath is always there, it's always with you.

When you're mentally strong, you make better choices, you eat better, you hydrate, you fuel your body with what it needs to perform and think clearer, which helps you be less reactive and more present in your life. So when a friend is telling you the story of why she's stuck in her life, or when a co-worker is saying why she hasn't done her part of the project, or when a boss is asking you if you can take on another task you can show up in your life and you can listen better, or say NO, or not now or simply set some boundaries.

Start a mourning routine, it's your sacred time and the best gift that you can give yourself. Your bucket should be full at the start of each day, before others start taking from it. Start your day with utter most love for yourself and watch others mirror this healthy behavior. You're creating a ripple effect. Be that change we all seek in this world, be an example for other females, let's empower our daughters, young girls, young professional women who're following in our steps, give the same permission to your girlfriends. Follow an example when you see one, mirror behavior of one before you become one, say NO to those things that you don't want to do, but say YES to those that fill your bucket. Open up a door, and observe how your life changes when you start to love yourself. It shows and radiates through you into the world and those around you and you start to attract more of it. There are no pre requisites for this work, you can starts right now. You have permission.

I love you, we can do this together. Let's break up with our BFF guilt, break the chains that have held us back. Breathe and remember that your breath is always with you.

If you want more tips on morning routines or if this resonated with you, then please reach out. I would be honored to support you through this journey, to empower you to live a full life starting today.

Click here to say YES, I give myself permission to start this work today.


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