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Hormones Hold the Key to Unlocking Your Vitality

Hormones affect every tissue and organ in your body. When they're working properly, hormones create harmony, nourishment and promote optimal health. All human beings, including. men, kids, women, depend on hormones working properly for basic functions, like sleep, digestion, and energy.

Hormones as Traffic Lights:

I think of hormones like traffic lights, when they're working properly traffic is moving flawlessly, when traffic lights are flickering, the traffic comes to a halt, confusion arises, and car crashes. There's havoc created on all levels. Our bodies are the same, when hormones are out of balance, the entire body system is off, we experience hormonal symptoms and can't function optimally. But when hormones are balanced, the body functions smoothly like traffic flow.

It takes a village:

In fact just one hormone being out of balance, even slightly, can throw off the entire system. You may be wondering, but WHY? Well, not only do hormones affect every tissue and organ in the body,

impacting everything from gut function, muscle growth and recovery, and pH and

fluid balance to bone health and brain function, they also have a powerful influence

on one another. Your thyroid hormones are responsible for metabolism, and your energy. Your adrenal and sex hormones all have complex relationships with each other – the release of one can trigger another, which can then affect organs, which can then impact additional hormone release, and so on. It’s an intricate, interconnected system that relies not only on each individual

hormone being balanced, but also the interaction between them remaining


The most common hormonal symptoms:

  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep,

  • anxiety or nervousness,

  • high blood sugar,

  • fatigue,

  • moodiness,

  • poor memory,

  • hair loss,

  • heavy periods,

  • low sex drive,

  • unexplained weight changes, or

  • even adrenal dysfunction, hypothyroidism, endometriosis, PCOS, or dysmenorrhea.

And this is not even an exhaustive list, each client is bio-individually different from another, but the common thread is that a hormonal balance is at the root of many physical, mental, and emotional health challenges that many live with.

Causes of Hormonal Imbalances

Some hormonal imbalances or fluctuations may show up during different phases of life, such as puberty or for women even more often during perimenopause, menopause, post-menopause. Others can be linked to stress, toxin exposure, or nutritional deficiencies. The most common one I see in my practice is stress and blood sugar imbalances. Can you see the connection, and can you relate?

Cortisol is the body's main stress hormone and when overproduced by the adrenal glands, can cause issues with other hormones like insulin, the thyroid hormones, and sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. You see, they're all linked together like a traffic system.

Hormones hold the key to the treasure chest bursting with vitality. The treasure chest is built out of essential materials which are your adrenal health and blood regulation. The chest is filled with the thyroid hormones which control your metabolism, and the outside of the treasure chest is decorated with sex hormones. You can't unlock this treasure chest that holds your vitality without basic materials which all start with the foundations: adrenal health and blood sugar regulation. Once those are addressed, other symptoms tend to resolve on their own. I see it with my clients all the time.

So you may be wondering, what can I do to take care of the foundations, my adrenal health and blood sugar regulations?

Tell me how to naturally balance hormones so I can unlock the chest where vitality resides within my body?

While each client may require a bio-individual approach and different nutrition and lifestyle supports at different times, which we address in my 1.1 coaching practice there is a DIY solution that you can try as well...


This is my tried, tested, and proven to work for virtually everyone.....4 days of Nourishment Cleanse. This is 4 days of Nourishment, specifically designed to help you naturally balance sugar and take the load off your adrenals, while flushing out kidneys and liver (your detox organs). If you've never done the 4 days of Nourishment Cleanse with me or on your own, you're in for a treat. You can do the cleanse on your own, it's quite simple and intuitive or you can do it with the support of a community and with me, as a way to experience the transformative power of personalized health and nutrition coaching for 4 full days. To get on the waitlist, visit: 4 days of Nourishment Cleanse. The next cohort starts soon.

And remember, just like traffic, each movement has a downstream effect and impact on the flow, pace, and balance. For optimal well-being, hormones hold the key. Focus on balancing your hormones starting with adrenal health and blood sugar regulation, and you may just notice that other hormonal symptoms resolve on their own. It's intuitive, right?

Your hormones hold the key to unlocking your treasure chest, bursting with vitality. Claim your greatest prize now, your HEALTH.


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